CircuitViewer 3.0 image

CircuitViewer Intro for beginners of circuit design.

With its instruments, CircuitViewer simulates and analyzes a circuit.

CircuitViewer has an introduction which even beginners can use where the behavior of analog circuits

and the basic of operation of each part can be looked at and understood simply with a click of a button.

You can also open and look the CircuitViewer Intro at Help menu. The introduction explains fundamental

circuits such as “Electrical Circuits,“Semiconductor Circuits”and“Op-Amp Circuits.” It assists in help

understand the meanings of each part's parameters.

GUI likened to real tools

CircuitViewer is easy to understand with icons and cursors that represent real tools such as wire cutters to

delete parts, long nosed pliers to move them, and a solder iron to join wiring.

Real Parts

The parts below operate just like real parts of a real circuit.

The LED symbol (Light-Emitting Diodes) will light up if a fixed current flows through it.

LED come in 4 colors red, green, yellow, blue all of which can be set.

Switches can be simply turned off or on by a mouse operation over their part symbol.

The operation of a switch is immediately reflected in the circuit's behavior.

The wiper of a variable resistor can be adjusted with the mouse cursor.

This also is immediately reflected in the circuit's behavior.

A more detailed setup of the wiper is also possible.