CircuitViewer Version 3.0 Specifications

Instruments Signal Generator 8 kinds of output signals (Voltage Output, Current Output, Resistance Output, Optional Pulse Waves) 8 Units
DC Power Supply Switch between voltage and current supplies
Oscilloscope Channel Number
(Each channel can use current probes)
(Current flow is indicated by an arrow)
4 Channels (Can change between 1, 2 and 4) 2 Units
Data can be read at cursor location
Trigger function
FFT Analyzer Mode FFT Analyzer function
dB switch function
Can create WAV files
Analysis Result File Output
Frequency Analyzer Channel Number 4 Channels (Can change between 1, 2 and 4) 2 units
Data can be read at cursor location
Can switch the display between Log and Linear (Center/Span)
Frequency File Output
Digital Multi-Meter DC Voltmeter or Ammeter (includes Current Probes) and Capacitance Meter etc 8 units
Parts Analog Parts Op-Amp With Power Pins (Open Loop Gain, Bandwidth, Slew Rate etc)
Without Power Pins (Voltage set at +/-11V)
Transistor (Bipolar Type)
NPN Type
PNP Type
FET (Field Effect Transistor)
(Threshold Voltage, Transconductance
Saturation Current, LAMBDA, CGD, CGS, CGB)
JFET N Channel
P Channel
MOSFET Without Backgate N Channel
P Channel
With Backgate N Channel
P Channel
Transformer (Combined Coefficient is 1)
(Primary/Secondary Inductance, Windings Ratio, Center Tap)
Without Center Tap
Center Tap in Primary
Center Tap in Primary/Secondary
Switch(1 point of contact per circuit)
Variable Resistor
(Anode Resistance, Junction Capacitance,Reverse Breakdown Voltage)
Diode (Fixed Current)
Zener Diode (Zener Voltage)
LED (Light Emitting Diode: Luminescence Colors: R, G, Y, B)
Digital Parts AND (Can invert to NAND or polarity)
OR (Can invert to NOR or polarity)
NOT (Can invert to BUFFER or polarity)
ExOR (Can invert to ExNOR or polarity)
D-FF (Can invert input or clock)
Virtual Parts Digital Filter (FIR Type) FIR Digital Filter 5 Units
Output a Coefficient File
Read a Coefficient File
Analog Arithmetic Parts Addition Unit
Subtraction Unit
Multiplication Unit
Division Unit
Power Unit
Integral Unit
Differential Unit
Other NetList Output
Text Boxes Creation (Can be set easily with the pencil cursor) 100 pieces
Display or Edit
Load Options Load Window
Load Schematic
Load Instrument
Save Options Save Schematic
Save Instrument or Window Configuration
Print Schematic Function (Can change the print position of Oscilloscope or Frequency Analyzer)
Redo Parts Function (Can reuse copied or deleted parts)
Create Bitmaps of Circuits (Can send bitmaps of selected data to the clipboard)
Can open multiple editors at same time
Number of parts that can be used at once is limited (Ground not included) 200 parts
Maximum Number of Nodes (Current and remaining number of nodes are displayed on the status bar) 150 nodes
Caution: The number of parts and nodes is limited.

System Requirements
 OS : Windows98/Me/2000/XP (Except OS emulator)
 HDD : 1.0 GB of available hard disk space
 CPU : 300 MHz or higher processor recommanded
 RAM : 128 MB of RAM or higher recommanded
 Display : 1024 x 768 resolution 16-bit video card minimum