Product Lineup

Interactive Simulation Book

A unique e - book for electronic engineering.

Learn basic electric theories with a lot of exercises.

Learn how to use a circuit simulator with the attached circuit simulator functions.

AC Circuits I  $45.00 - Sinusoidal AC, Complex numbers and vectors

AC Circuits II $50.00 - Frequency Responses, Resonant Circuits and AC Power

Key Features

The Concept and Objective

The concept of IS Book is to provide easy-to-read and fun-to-analyze engineering textbooks

to engineers and engineering students.

As the world is reaching to so called, "ubiquitous world,", the technology around us is

progressing so rapidly, and the demands for the electronic technology and its specialists

are increasing more than ever.

We strongly believe that knowing basic electric and electronic theories is the key to

keep up with the progress of technology.

While developing an interactive circuit simulator, CircuitViewer, we used our technical knowledge

to create Interactive Simulation Books (IS Books) which describe and analyze the basic

theories of engineering aiming to help engineers and students to keep up with

the progressing technology.

New type of ebook

IS Book is not an ordinal e-book with PDF files that you see online or in stores. It is not

a book which has the circuit simulator and analysis exercises in a separate CD-ROM from a textbook.

IS Book has its circuit simulator tools within the book along with the contents and

exercises. With these circuit simulation tools, you can check and see the analysis results

of the circuits in the book while reading the contents of the book.

Covering Basic Theories

IS Book covers the basic electric or electronic theories, which are necessary

for engineers to know when they design their own circuits.

Exercises with Simulations

IS Book provides various exercises in each chapters. These exercises include simulation

exercises. You will actually analyze various circuits with simulation tools, such as an oscilloscope

and a frequency analyzer.